Help community and environment by making thrown-away items that are lying on sidewalks available for others, so they can search and pick them up via Dumpick.


Download Dumpick to take photos of thrown-away items, write their appropriate description and upload those images for public viewings. Once uploaded, these items can be searched around your vicinity or within any specific area across Australia. If your desired item is found listed in Dumpick, based on its description, comments, time of post and location, you can pick it up from that location. You are welcome to comment, share and favourite any post. When thrown-away items are used by someone, those items do not go through industrial recycling process resulting in zero carbon footprint in our environment.

Key functionality of the application:

Download today and bring home your next valuables completely free while helping others and your environment!

Got Questions? Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us via support@dumpick.mrkloud.com

Watch a short demo on YouTube

Dumpick is a not-for-profit project by MR Kloud